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Learn. Teach. Grow.

Learn how to Teach with our lessons on Maths, English, Pedagogy, Project Based Learning, Bank of Resources and Additional Skills.

kolab. is a South African education platform geared towards the teaching and the professionalism of teachers. The core of our business is to provide assistance to teachers in how to deliver curriculum content in an innovative and simplistic manner.

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Our Vision

Kolab. was born in January 2020. We are made up of a team of professionals who are dedicated to making the lives of South African teachers better and easier.

With a large portion of our team having been in the teaching profession for a number of years, we have witnessed the disparities and challenges between independent and government schools. Part of kolab.'s ethos is to develop a human-centered design product to create impactful ed-tech support to teachers.

Kolab.’s content is strongly aligned to the CAPS Curriculum. We have created modules for every assessment standard in Maths and English from Grade R to Grade 3.

Where CAPS guides teachers on WHAT to teach per subject per year, kolab.'s mission is to show teachers both WHY and HOW to teach this content. Kolab. aims to motivate pedagogical practice and to spark creativity, so that the CAPS document becomes more 3 dimensional.

By offering triggers and suggestions on how to teach a skill, we are not taking autonomy away from the teacher. Kolab.’s content is designed to alleviate the time pressure off teachers.

As a mobile app, kolab. has ensured that every teacher in South Africa has the CAPS curriculum in their pocket. Through technology, kolab. aims to narrow the gap between resourced and under-resourced schools, which manifests as a digital divide. This platform serves as our contribution to affirming redress, access, quality, equity, inclusivity and efficiency in the classroom.

Teachers are central to quality basic education. Any change in our education system will pivot around our teachers. As teachers at kolab., having a piece of ourselves percolated into the curriculum and the possibility of generating change, is exciting.

The kolab. Production Process

Our high-quality content is created by an innovative team of specialists. Each kolab. member plays a pivotal role in the production process.

The CIs ------ The AIs ------ The GIs ------ The EIs



These are our writers. They are considered innovators because they bring their educational expertise, classroom strategies and practical application of theory to our content. We currently have two full time innovators and a cohort of independents.



These are our voice over artists. They are called illuminators because they bring the animations to life. Their words clarify the content for the viewer. We currently have a team of three audio illuminators.



These are our animators. They are called inventors because they design and create original and authentically kolab. animations. We have both an in-house team and an outsourced team of graphic inventors.



The Education Influencers are our kolab. users. These are the classroom heroes who dedicate their time, energy, emotion, love and brainpower to teaching our children. They are the ones viewing our animations, using our assessments and augmenting their learning by being a part of the kolab. family.

Our Content

Kolab.’s content has been designed to augment, support and assist teachers in the planning of their work, in the execution of their lessons, and in the assessment of their children. We have made personalised and professional learning for teachers a priority. Kolab.’s focus is on Mathematics and English from Grade R to Grade 3, with a projected extension to include the Intermediate and FET Phases.

Kolab. has created in excess of 931 English modules and 1 321 Maths modules, providing a deep-dive into the curriculum. Supplementing this content, are modules on Maths and English tools, teaching pedagogy, Phonics, Speech & Language, and a Bank of Resources detailing ways for teachers to create their own classroom tools.

01. English

01. English

02. Maths

03. Additional Skills

04. Bank of Resources

05. Project Based Learning

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Our App

The kolab. app is comprised of three pillars:

1. Over 2 200 CAPS Curriculum modules, with a focus on Mathematics and English for the Foundation Phase.

2. A professional development series, boasting modules on teaching pedagogy, project-based learning, phonics, speech & language, a bank of resources and more.

3. An intensive assessment tool that offers real-time tracking and grading, providing authentic feedback on a child's performance.

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