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At kolab., our primary focus is to assist teachers in delivering curriculum content in an innovative and simplified manner.

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Our App

Our app, comprised of three pillars, is here to revolutionize your teaching journey:

1. Comprehensive CAPS Curriculum Modules: Access nearly 2,000 modules aligned with the CAPS Curriculum, with a special emphasis on Mathematics and English for the Foundation Phase.

2. Professional Development Series: Immerse yourself in our enriching professional development series, featuring modules on pedagogy, project-based learning, phonics, speech & language, and a bank of resources. Enhance your teaching expertise and stay ahead in your career.

3. Real-time Assessment Tool: Empower your teaching with our intensive assessment tool that offers authentic feedback and real-time tracking of your students' performance. Gain valuable insights and make informed instructional decisions.

Our Vision

kolab. was born out of a passion to support South African teachers and simplify their lives. Our team comprises dedicated professionals, including experienced educators, who understand the challenges faced in both independent and government schools. We strive to create impactful ed-tech solutions that cater to the unique needs of South African teachers.

Aligned strongly with the CAPS Curriculum, kolab.'s content covers every assessment standard in Maths and English from Grade R to Grade 3. We go beyond simply guiding you on what to teach; our mission is to provide you with the why and how behind teaching specific content. With kolab., you'll discover new ways to motivate pedagogical practices and unleash your creativity, making the CAPS document come alive.

Our app offers triggers and suggestions to enhance your teaching skills without taking away your autonomy. We understand the time pressures teachers face, and that's why our content is designed to alleviate that burden.

As a mobile app, kolab. ensures that every South African teacher has easy access to the CAPS curriculum right in their pocket. We aim to bridge the digital divide between resourced and under-resourced schools, contributing to a more equitable, inclusive, and efficient classroom experience.

Teachers are the driving force behind quality education, and kolab. is here to support you. Join our community of empowered educators, be part of the change, and unlock the potential of your teaching career.

Download the kolab. app today and embark on a transformative journey of growth and success in the classroom. Let's kolab-orate and shape the future of education together!

Discover Our Extensive Content Range

Experience the comprehensive range of kolab.'s content, meticulously designed to enhance your teaching process. Augment, support, and assist your lesson planning, execution, and assessment with our personalized and professional learning materials.

Our focus lies in Mathematics and English from Grade R to Grade 3, with plans to extend to the Intermediate and FET Phases. Dive into over 931 English modules and 1,321 Maths modules, providing in-depth coverage of the curriculum. In addition, explore modules on Math and English tools, teaching pedagogy, Phonics, Speech & Language, and a Bank of Resources, empowering you to create your own classroom tools.

01. English

01. English

02. Maths

03. Additional Skills

04. Bank of Resources

05. Project Based Learning

What people are saying about us?

  • “kolab. is making teaching and learning accessible to all. It takes the guessing out of lesson planning and makes life so much easier!”

    Dr Swanepoel, lecturer at the University of Pretoria
  • “kolab. is the catalyst that propels me beyond limits, ignites my passion to education and unlocks the extraordinary within myself.”

    Student at the University of Pretoria

  • “kolab. is where inspiration meets organisation – a dynamic app that is my everyday Bible for lesson planning.”

    Student at the University of Pretoria

  • “The kolab. 'extras' are a brilliant resource for all teachers at all levels. Not only applicable for Foundation Phase English or Maths, the [modules] offer all sorts of tips for teachers that cannot be learned at college. Made by teachers for all teachers. ”

    Art teacher at St. John’s College, Johannesburg

  • “kolab. is a great resource to access info quickly on the go, or to pour over in greater depth when I have more time at my disposal. I have appreciated the handy hints which I have incorporated to great effect to refresh my tired old lessons.”

    Teacher at Theodore Herzl, Port Elizabeth

  • “This app has helped me plan interactive lessons at the click of a button. It saves planning time and significantly reduces unnecessary time wasting.”

    Student at the University of Pretoria

Lets kolab-orate!

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